I went a little nuts with fresh pico de gallo, habeñero sauce and prepped toppings.





Whatever you do, don’t follow these directions.. You may end up with salty, spicy grey meat. It’s a little unnerving how basic this recipe is. Read the previous post for a cross-reference of recipe options! 😉

¡Este está muy bien! My husband gave this recipes a thumbs up. He rated it higher than my Vietnamese beef stew, which he loves and gave me a 7.8 out of 10 rating. All dishes he likes gets a 7.0, mind you.. Also, he’s fluent in Spanish, has travelled in Mexico, and has eaten pozole in Mexico on a few occasions. Where as I have only eaten it once in my life.

I was inspired while hungry and staring at the Mexican spice rack area in my local grocer. The Achiote paste caught my eye, then the hominy, and it was love at first sight! 😉 Tonight’s weather turned back to the misty foggy coolness indicative of coastal living and it was wonderful to eat a warm bowl of pozole with a cold ale!


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