The temperature didn’t drop below 75degrees until 6 or so this morning. I didn’t get much sleep. My husband decided to sleep outside, but came in at 4:30 or so because there were creatures rustling in the brush. 😉

This morning, I am soaking posole for tonight’s dinner. I think I’m going to make soup even though it will be sweltering tonight. The normally cool air of the morning is a suffocating dry heat. I’m not complaining, just observing!

I ventured to turn on the stove because my husband didn’t want to bring the fish left overs to work. I can understand as it would make the tiny kitchen smell fishy, so I used it to make breakfast.

Today, I’m riding my bike into work. I realized yesterday my level of crankiness and annoyance was high because I couldn’t get away for a ride. I was really busy working and kept getting interrupted by coworkers. Then, when I checked the weather and temperature for riding, it was still too hot.

So, I’m riding NOW before work takes over.


One egg omelette with opah & tomatoes on arugula 😉


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