Redwoods are nice. They provide sun dappled light to filter through their limbs but keep the heat of day from draining you. Pine needles and fallen leaves on the dirt floor simply soak up the sound of your mountain bike tires and you glide endlessly over roots, along berms, roll over logs and in between madrones. You can get speedy and go fast or take your time and smell the dirt. I had the pleasure of cycling alone through all of the redwood portion of trails and then I remembered I was on my way to work!


Then, like terrain “night and day”, I head over toward the dry, hot, exposed side of the mountain where summer heat left the chapparal and trails with a thin layer of dust over everything. It’s a bit like the ideal Wild West movies with the grainy yellowish cast like a tint of haziness that doesn’t disappear until the rainy season.

This side has more people, surprisingly; a few mountain bikers and an older gentleman jogging in full sweatsuit and a hat. I’m peddling as fast as I can to get some air circulation! It’s hot and dry and my throat is tired of inhaling my own dust storm.

I do love some of the little trails on this side, however. There is a series of whoops di do’s that just makes me smile when I let go of the brakes and pump the terrain. I’m always weary of cyclists and hikers climbing the opposite way, however, if I don’t see anyone, I really enjoy letting myself relax and rip!

Guess what was waiting for me when I got to work?


This is a spicy vegetarian sandwich WITH bacon!! Heehee. Hummus, avocado, sprouts, lettuce & tomato.. Then ADD bacon! What a concept!

Love love love.


By the way, can I tell you how much I dislike the new iPhone operating system? The maps translate to my Strava app and they are now choppy and cartoonish. Not to mention wrong. They misrepresent trails, streets, and boundaries to the point of being a joke.

Thanks a lot, Apple. Next chance I get, I’m buying a different smart phone that doesn’t force me to accept mediocre mapping. I live in the woods and it is unsafe for me to have missing roads or dead ends. Sheesh.


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