Delicious purple slaw!
Sliced carrots, purple cabbage, lime juice, habeñero sauce, arugula, sunflower seeds, dry farm tomatoes, and cilantro!

I also prepared a sourdough bread, white cheddar and albacore tuna melt to make in the panini press at work! I made my tuna mixture out of seeded mustard, chopped cornichones, a 1/4 cup of yogurt and a dash of cumin.

Bee pollen that is made locally helps to alleviate my allergy symptoms. In search for bee pollen in its pure form to mix in with drinks, I found this in my local grocery store! The lightly sweetened, slightly tart juice is effervescent and delicious!

A few things to remember before I start my cleanse: no diary, cheese, no processed foods (including bread), no seeds, no nuts. No SOY! First week, no animal based protein, either..

I will need to restock my fridge!

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