My mom is pretty funny. She called me late last night to tell me that it was Mid-Autumn Moon yesterday. She also said to remember to “eat something round like a moon cake or a tangelo”! Haha. She’s so funny.

The moon was really bright outside but we had all the curtains and windows open. We have no air conditioning so it was really hot. I think I woke up about 6 times. The temperature today us supposed to be even higher than yesterday. This sure is a surprise for Fall weather!

Yesterday, we had to get out of the house because it was hot. I wanted to go for a hike, but my husband didn’t want to be in the sun: we found a new trail that gave us both what we wanted!

All of the trails were shaded under tall redwoods or oaks. We saw zero hikers. There was running, potable water at the empty campsites to refill our water bottles. It was warm and hot-breezy, but not humid. We had a really great time exploring!

The trails we chose were actually quite steep. Nothing technical, like twisty exposed roots or giant steps you had to carefully find footing on, but up-up-up trails that felt like you were close to the top… and then not.

We are in reasonable hiking shape: a 3.5 mile one way hike at an average of 11% grade (I stress average) took us about 1 hour.


I’m going into the office, now! I hope it is cooler there. 😉


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