What would wake me up at 4:30 am and drive me nuts thinking? What to get my husband for our 5 year anniversary!

Wood? Wood is the traditional element for this anniversary? Where does that come from? Maybe when people whittled things or build houses or gathered wood for fire? Hard wood makes sense for its durability, I suppose, so perhaps that symbolizes strength and bond in marriage.

Apparently, “Silverware” is the modern 5-year gift but I don’t really care to give my man cutlery. ** In Asian traditions, unless you wish to sever a relationship, you do not gift knives or blades! (on occasions, if you must, the receiver may give you a coin to “buy” the sharp object from you, rendering the bad mojo moot..)

But, what objects translate wood without being trivial, gaudy or expensive?

I spent a lot of time online.. on reviewing things I SHOULDN’T BUY:
Trivial + gaudy and what my husband will return or hide, or look at me and wonder why he married me.
-any wooden frame with etched “love” or our names, dates, etc. (cheesy)
-wooden blades or knives (no sharp objects!)
-wood jewelry box (he’s not into jewelry or cuff links)
-wood working tools (he doesn’t work with wood)
-wood bowls (we have a really nice wood bowls already and we already have decorative bowls around the house)
-wooden cutting board? we have 2 huge ones
-wooden casket. ok, not top 10 on google, but I did find some his&hers urns somehow..

Next round of ideas..
-wood pepper grinder? (maybe, but I’m always so boring and practical..)
-wood fired pizza oven?! he loves pizza, but I researched a portable one and they are $23,000.00
-order wood fired pizza! (ok really reasonable idea here for the dinner portion!)
-rent a “Woody” classic car? Couldn’t find a local option..
-row a wooden boat? Uh.. who wants to do that after a long work week? Have a gondola ride? We aren’t in Venice ;(
– take a walk or bike ride in the forest? Wood= woods/ forest at this point.. but we do that all the time! ;(
-wooden cooking spoon? I’m talking handmade stew spoon, but again with the silly practicality!
-wood sculpture? Uhhh. No.
-stay in a treehouse? (He would kill me if I spent this much on lodging!)

So, if I can serve a wood-fired, Hen of the woods & wood ear mushroom pizza on a wooden bench in the forest, that would be pretty cool!

Dream “wood-inspired” meal aside, I still have no clue about the gift.

Final answer!!

Ok! How about Scotch Whiskey aged in Oak?! That’s pretty darn good wood association..


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