No, curry isn’t a spice. It is a combination of spices and herbs and blended in a variety of ways. But this easy S&B Spicy tin has made it’s way into the heart and culture of Japanese food!
Wiki Link Here! Super good read about how a canned curry spice becomes an honored tradition! (I wonder if the Irish have this particular blend for their curry chips?!) haha.. YUM!

I was HUNGRY but decided to cook anyway. Fighting the urge for take out, I needed something fast cooking and easy to prepare!

Frying onions, daikon, carrots, Japanese eggplant in grapeseed oil..

Add mushrooms & deglaze with Cooking Sake!

Since this wasn’t vegan, I added enough chicken stock to barely cover the veggies.


(I normally use potatoes, but I forgot to buy some.. the daikon served as a good substitute while keeping it WAY lighter than heavy potatoes.. The eggplant was mushy and created the thickener I needed.. )

I don’t make a roux, as normally prescribed, I just add my dry spices in and let everything cook down together.

The blackish floating herb is a betel leaf! It’s pungent and very earthy, but adds a totally different dimension to the dish!

I add chopped chicken breast, carved from a whole chicken, for 4 servings. My husband and I ate everything, however!

Serve ladled around a mound of brown rice and have wedges of lime and cilantro and black pepper at the table.


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