CommuteConundrum:Road or Mountain

Yay! Commuting day with the bike. Should be great weather at the start, but most likely cold and foggy at my destination.

Road or mountain? Mountain bike is heavier, but I get to spend time on single track before work! Road is efficient and fast, but it is foggy and may be more dangerous.

Hmm. Maybe I’ll eat breakfast and the solution will come to me! 😉

Peashoots and prawns sautéed in sake with a glass of fruit-beet smoothie! Funny, I know, but I’m cleaning out the fridge 😉

I decided to go mountain. I think it will be safer and I stay above the fogline and avoid cars 😉


2 thoughts on “CommuteConundrum:Road or Mountain

    1. Thank you, Sweetie! I ended up riding road because it was faster but a lot of fog made it slow going.. At least my super powered lights were on! (front blinky and rear blinky!)

      Happy weekend!

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