I meant for this to be my lunch, but I had to taste for flavor and WOAH! It was spicy!

I’ve discovered that peppers at the end of the summer can be super spicy! We had a very warm summer here in No. Cal and my jalepeños got spicier and spicier! Too hot? What am I? A wimp?

Today, yes! Apparently I shouldn’t have assumed I had a mild jalepeño. Thank goodness I removed the seeds and the interior white membrane!

Simple enough salad with cold lentils and red/white/black quinoa, cilantro, salt, lime juice and tomato powder. (I dry tomato skins in the sun and pulverize the skins to become powder.)

I added tender shoots and sliced carrots for color.

My local New Leaf used to make a version of this salad in their deli, but I get bored of their version with parsley and they have cashews and little bland cherry tomatoes. For some reason, it is sometimes too “wet” which makes me not like the consistency..

Anyway, I can make this for cheaper and more yummy ingredients at home. Their recipe did inspire me to make this, so kudos to them for making delicious whole-food offerings!

My other favorite dishes they offer are:
Kale salad with pumpkin seeds and red onion and Tempeh noodle salad!


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