I’m heading to an off-site today, so my meal needs to be healthy without refrigeration. No meat, cheese, dairy or anything that gets funky quickly! I made a quinoa-lentil salad with veggies and an avocado “dip” dressing. I roughly followed a recipe I found online, but avoided any sugar, vinegar or excessive oil. I’m not watching my weight, but when I don’t get to exercise, I try not to eat too much!


Mixing quinoa with lentils, Japanese cucumber, cilantro, carrot and red onion, lime juice and a touch of grapeseed oil.

Ready to go container! (Boxes from take out sushi work great!)

I made fried rice for breakfast and seared some ahi and hamachi to eat with it. I eat a lot of strange things for breakfast, but I rarely eat fish in the morning. It was only because I knew we weren’t going to eat it tonight and I wanted protein. I could have chosen either fish or shrimp. 😉

This fried rice is super simple. Leftover brown rice with peas and carrots and one egg wok tossed in about 5 minutes.

5 thoughts on “LunchBeforeBreakfast

  1. While I still can’t quite shake my habits, I’m pretty convinced that our conception of breakfast food needs RADICAL reconsideration. How much easier would it be to avoid sugar if we didn’t expect it, or something that usually has it, every morning. Thanks for these. The salad looks delish!

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