Young Thai Coconut for $1.99.
Yielded almost 2 cups of liquid and 3/4 cup of meat.

You can see I have not quite gotten the hang of opening these with a cleaver so I hack at the exterior white stuff with a chef’s knife until I see the brownish color and then tap around the top with the heel of a cleaver. Once a heel goes deep enough, I pry the lid open. I’m generally holding this steady with my other hand so I guess until I’m confident with the cleaver, they will always look like this!


As much as the juice is easy to drink right from the coconut with a straw, I like to carefully use a baster to extract the juice without spillage. The meat is tasty and sweet, but I’m a visual person and it looks unappetizing to me.


So, I decided to make a “larp” style cooked salad. Obviously, this is already edible but I wanted to infuse some flavor into the coconut meat and make it taste a bit less raw..

Dried galangal spice,julienned fresh young ginger, kafir lime leaf (sliced thinly), lime juice, sliced red onion, dried red pepper, crushed peanuts and greens. Add salt and lime juice to chopped coconut meat and let infuse. Use coconut oil to fry everything except the coconut meat. Turn off burner and incorporate meat until warmed through.


I made mine into a nice salad with arugula and a home-grown & quartered black krim tomato, cilantro and Thai basil for garnish. Serve coconut water chilled or at room temperature.



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