Blowfish Sushi, Santana Row. Original Blowfish is in San Francisco. My gal-pal and I used to frequent this sushi restaurant when we lived in SF. It is a trendy sushi joint with out of the ordinary rolls, cocktails and anime playing on the LCD screens. Typically, on any given night, your waitress has trendy or multi colored hair and looks like an anime character: always cute and extremely bubbly or edgy. 😉

Where to go in San Jose for a lunch date? Santana Row of course! Easy to park (free), lots of places to eat and even a cheap falafel cart, shopping is insane and over the top, but there’s an H&M if you wanna get your splurge on (more than just one item!).

You can even customize your own Tesla on Santana Row!

20120918-180753.jpg Yup. Go green & high end!


In going with our little theme of all things Japanese, we went into a little gift, paperie for some cute gift shopping. I’m a big fan of My Neighbor Totoro, an animation by Hayao Miyazaki. I was in plush amazement 😉


I love it that you can go into Urban Outfitter and get gag gifts like “Unicorn Meat” and then hang out in Gucci. It’s great for people watching and there are lots of people speaking different languages. Today was warm and sunny, perfect for window shopping and catching up.


I often wonder how it is to live in a mall.. there were for-sale signs in the condos above the promenade. I couldn’t imagine living there, but maybe it takes a special type of person.


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