HELP! Borneo, Thailand or Bali!?

Oh, I know.  What a horrible choice to make for vacation planning, but it must be done!  Today or tomorrow, in fact!

My husband and I are traveling with family during the Winter holidays through the New Year and we haven’t decided!

Since I used to travel a LOT for work, I’ve travelled in Asia a little bit.  I’ve been to Bali by myself. Travelled to Kuta, Uluwatu and the interior city of Ubud.  The food and the people were awesome.. Some of the beaches were pristine and the weather was unmatched!  And the food there was great!  Hubby hasn’t been to any South East Asian countries.  In this trip alone, he’ll start off with Hong Kong and Macau, at least!

I’ve only been to the South of Thailand, with a short layover in Bankok, so I can’t say that I’ve been to the North. The South is amazing, culturally and visually, and the food is to die for.  The people there are insanely nice and welcoming.

That leaves Borneo!  Apparently, there is a lot of rainfall during that time.. but that’s why it’s so lush and beautiful with tons of plant and animal species, right?  And I’ve been dying to try a dish in Sarawak. . the famous Laksa there is for breakfast and my friend who travelled there years ago had “imported” a package of this special paste and shared it with us.  I’ve tried to recreate it ever since!  I read and re-read the ingredient list, but I think the fact that they probably cook this outdoors on a big skillet for hours and hours is why I cannot recreate the flavor correctly!   Plus, I’d have to build an outdoor kitchen just to work with the fish paste. 🙂

Well, that’s what I’ve been doing from 4:30am until now.  I guess I need to eat something.. But HERE is where I’d love to go.

It’s just that I don’t want to be rain-soaked the entire time, which could happen..  Thailand is great weather during December.  I would like to visit Chang Mai, too! Especially with a food tour in mind…  YUMMM!




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