My husband made my favorite breakfast this morning!

Sliced local sourdough with a little melted swiss cheese, fried black forest ham and sliced fresh black krim tomato from our garden. I guess the addition of tomatoes turns this from a croque madame to a croque provençal according to Wikipedia.

I saw the remaining bit of tomato on the cutting board and ate the rest of that. It was sweet, thin skinned and had hints of cherry flavor. I’d say it was as tasty as the dry farmed early girls.. My under watering is almost (but not quite) like dry farming! haha.. 😉




2 thoughts on “brunch!

    1. It takes a bit of coordination with ingredients, but it’s not too difficult because there is no bechemel sauce:)

      thanks for sharing my picture!

      Fry the bread in a little butter to brown and toast both sides. Add thin slices of cheese onto one side of the bread. Place into toaster oven or oven at 250 until cheese melts. Put a small pot of boiling water on to poach eggs. When the water is at high boil, carefully crack the egg over the pot and drop the egg into the water. You can do 2 eggs at a time. Wait until big bubbles form and turn off the water. Cover the pot. Fry sliced ham on skillet until a bit browned and warmed through. Slice tomatoes thinly. Remove cheesy toast from the oven and put the ham, tomatoes on top. Using a slotted spoon, remove each poached egg and carefully place on top of the open faced sandwich. Serve with a little sea salt and cracked black pepper.

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