Musical Socks

So, I left for my evening ride a little later than I wanted to. The light is drastically changing now that it is Fall and the tall redwoods and angle of setting sun are sure to make me blind to motorists.

Ergo front and rear lights, hi-Vis socks and light colored clothing.


Ahhh! My eyes! I hope these stand out in the dim light! I wish they had reflective yarn or thread on their socks. Defeet brand is pretty nice. The socks are nice and compress around the ankle and lower calf. Like most thin socks, if it starts rolling down, it makes this weird bracelet donut shape around your ankle. I don’t like exposed thread however, so the interior is a bit ratty from the embroidery technique. You can’t fold a cuff if you wanted to.


I bought a “runners world” iPhone armband to replace my worn out one. The other one lasted over a hundred rides and it was the neoprene that disintegrated. I just bought this new one a few months ago and the Velcro is peeling off. Doesn’t anyone sew anymore? This was heat sealed and its just hanging on by a little bit. This was the only band that for my small arms 😦

I like riding with a little jazz music or if I’m feeling fast, I have some good workout mixes. I listen to my iPhone on low to medium so I always hear traffic. Earplugs are scary and distracting. I used to want a pair of Oakley glasses with an mp3 player, but those were too loud in my ears when I tried them on.

Anyway, my Friday ride was short but sweet! I plan to go on a bigger ride this weekend since I just received my knee pads! I’m accident prone, so these will hopefully save me from the little dings and scratches I get!


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