“Mild” to “Wild” = industry standard for give us 3 options. Black, gray, hi-Vis yellow!!

Normally, in retail, fashion or product, the option of color is dictated by trend, production processes, and sales. Design driven companies typically push the envelope and can be a major force in swaying color options “think clothiers and fashion houses” but it can be relatively limited in high tech, for example. This doesn’t apply to accessories at all as by the nature of their existence, are peripheral products that are meant to embellish and create a level of customizability and “fun”.

I often propose new colors for products and need to cast a wide net of trend spotting and market analysis in order to do it thoughtfully and have the most chance for success. Does the company want to make a huge splash with a product? Is it a me-too product that won’t stand out in a crowd? Does the product break away with traditions within that archetype? Is the company serious or playful or something else?

Companies hire me to push their buttons, but to also work with their engineers and marketing to create viable products. It’s normally obvious to me how far I can push a company into unfamiliar territory and to an extent, I utilize their processes and simply open their eyes to possibilities they don’t have time to see for themselves.

For example, “gold” was hot this year, but to know that, you’d have to realize that 2 years ago, people already determined that color would permeate 2012. Inspiration can come from anywhere, but convergence is key for a true trend: This year was the Olympics, an easy sell with gold, but what type of gold? Bright and sunny? White? Much of the world may be in a state of forced frugality; oil prices are high, home loss at a high, but a desire for escapism and opulence can be easily had with a gold-colored something or other.

Anyway, if you look at high end bike components, a lot of gold and black accessories surfaced this year where predominate colors before were blues and reds.

My long rant came from my trying to figure out what color this neon sock was.




But the wild card of this hi-Vis sock is for safety reasons plus marketing! They are 2012 TDF socks. šŸ˜‰

Neons are actually in this year: the throwback to the 80’s (again) is here.

I deal with colors often and my Pantone App for my iPhone is crucial for most industry needs. There are colors for textiles, paints, tints etc. etc!


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