All doped up and no where to go: except the NYTimes best sellers?


This is a review of Tyler Hamilton’s  tell-all memoir.  Just reading this review makes me want to read about this sordid cycle-doping affair.


My stepdad is a scientist that works on a blood clotting agent for hemofilia.  In his library was an odd little bound book that didn’t look like the gargantuan thick encyclopedias, so I took it out to peruse it.  I found this photo. Image


and really couldn’t believe my eyes.  (image is labelled Bettman/Corbis) There were even transfusions with other animals, blood from open containers, various liquids mixed in with blood, and so much more!


How ever barbaric this seems now, I can only imagine in a future 100 years people looking back to blood doping as “barbaric”.  (I hope it won’t be a norm to enhance performance!)

From a cycling and athletic standpoint, there is always someone stronger, faster, better than you.  The institution that fosters winning at any cost is a sure sign of hubris.  With the exception of death, it seems that there are those who are willing or coerced to do things to attain man-made successes.  “winning” and “losing” are all just perception.  Life, harmony and balance.  That’s what I want.







One thought on “All doped up and no where to go: except the NYTimes best sellers?

  1. Unfortunately, as long as people are competing at an elite level for the money, there will be cheating. But I don’t think it will ever become the norm. That would just mean that every elite cyclist would have to dope if they don’t already, all those who are not pro would be forced to dope to get to the next level, and kids hoping to make it in the sport will eventually be pressured to as well. I doubt people would be ok with it getting that far. At least I’d hope so!

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