These dished are normally made more vegetarian, but today I felt the need to get meaty! and cheesy!


My kale veggie soup became “Ultimate kale and leek soup with Portuguese sausage , spicy paprika and potatoes”! My normally sweet and tangy panzanella became “Ultimate Maytag Blue cheese dressed Dry farmed tomato and toasted sourdough salad!” Everything wanted to be bolder and brighter. May have been due to my earlier encounter with predator.. but not sure.

All I know for me is that Autumn didn’t have to mean my same old recipes. I was going to be adventurous and mix it up tonight. And lucky for my husband, I didn’t go too far off the deep end!

The acidity from the tomatoes is more than enough for this dish. I macerated sliced red onions in red wine vinegar, then strained and used the slightly pickled onions in the salad.


I toasted the heck! outta these croutons made of Sourdough bread. I love fresh sourdough. It’s sour flavor is going to be great with the Blue cheese..


20120911-222155.jpg pretty normal right? But the hard toasted bread just soaked up all the DF tomato juice. Gooey and soft on the outside, a crisp crunch! on the inside 😉 Fresh garden basil added in, too.


But wait! Blue Cheese dressing 😉 Buttermilk+Maytag Blue+Lemon Thyme+lime squeeze+ black pepper.. This drizzled onto the panzanella is super yum.

(I’m fairly certain this is blasphemy to some, like making fondue out of Monterey jack and cream cheese, but I’ve done that, too!)


Added cumin spice, spicy paprika and some black pepper to my soup.


Though I loved the soup, I especially loved the panzanella!


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