Look BIG! That’s what you are supposed to do if you encounter a mountain lion. Hopefully they are heading away from you and not towards.

By the time I got my camera out, the lion disappeared. Sorry, no pics!


This is where I saw it trotting toward the lower creek bed. (I took this on another day and about midday, so the light quality is not right, but the area is correct.) The mountain lion was maybe 3.5feet long. Darker coat and moving too fast for me to note any other distinct characteristics. At first I was happy, but then I realized there may be a mother nearby so I started riding faster.

THIS was why I should never ride alone at dusk without a whistle! My girlfriend carries mace and a whistle now since she encountered 2 young males out hunting prey. She was walking with a friend and her dog was off leash. We live in mountain lion country, and dusk is not a safe time for those without fangs and fur 😉

After bush wacking through poison oak (I was prepared for that and wore clothing from head to toe even in the 70 degree heat) and getting home, I made myself some congratulatory salsa.

Salsa was my prize for not being mauled and getting some exercise after a pretty odd day. I have to say, I’ve neglected to post recent salsa recipe images because I haven’t gotten it right yet.

This one was pretty good. It was a combination chipotle, guajillo & tomatillo blend. I’m bored of making my bright and chunky pico de gallos.. I’m moving onto creamy hidden spices and mystery roasted flavors!





Next ride at dusk will be on my speedy road bike! (or inside on my rollers). Eek.


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