Cult Of DF-Tomatoes

I wondered why Cherokee Purples were not available at the market.. even the farmers markets: they are not as viable to grow as the Early Girl variety. Her thick skin and drought resistance enable this type of tomato to be economically viable in our region. By contrast, the Cherokee is larger in size and has a undulating body, typical of a lot of heirloom varietals, but thinner skin. As I said before, though, it’s like eating a magically delicious fruit “steak”, dense and fruity, cherry-like in texture, hearty and aromatic in flavor. Early Girls can taste this way, too, but the thicker skin distracts. I’ve “sashimi’d” tomatoes; quartered, deseeded and cored the center, sliced off the skin and eaten the meat. It yields a very tasty, but a tinybite!


I’m trying to decide what to do with my last few dozen DTF’s today as I drink my beet and banana shake 😉 I’m reading a local magazine put out by ediblemontereybay and there are some tummy-rubbing good recipes in there!


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