I love to eat. Can you tell? As I was looking through my cookbooks for a recipe containing chayote I realized I needed more cookbooks from more countries!

I wanted to debone the game hen for tonight’s dinner but also do some wild rice. This was good because I need practice for my Thanksgiving wild rice dressing (“stuffing” in more pedestrian terms.)

I needed something to go with the hearty and earthy rice. Initially I looked up Brazilian Chicken, then Portuguese chicken, then I remembered Macau.. At that point, I looked up Macanese Chicken.. then I found African Chicken!

This recipe sounded like a delicious blend of everything I liked (and had in the house!). Chinese 5-spice, coconut milk, spicy peppers, and peanut butter (though I only had almond butter)! Mmmmm

Spice Marinade


My sauce didn’t use tomato paste or more than a few tablespoons of paprika.. so I’m not sure how my coloration is so pale while others on the Internet are so vibrantly red.

My wild rice blends chopped fresh roasted chestnuts, Chinese sausage, and shitake mushrooms. I usually omit the sausage in lieu of celery for a vegan version for family meals. It’s still fragrant and fun to eat!


As I was stewing the chicken, I realized I was supposed to brown it first. Well, I just removed them when almost cooked and put them under the broiler. I am glad I made so much sauce! My husband gets to take the remaining rice and sauce to work for lunch.

Did I mention we are traveling to Macau as our first destination during the Winter holidays? I am super excited!!
That’s why I’m pre-eating my way through some well known dishes. Haha Actually, I need to be careful. I can balloon up pretty good eating my way through Chinese-Portuguese fare!


As a cleanser dish post meal, the chayote&carrot soup was simply wonderful and bright tasting!


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