I woke up and started craving soup. One fond memory was a winter where my Auntie made me seaweed soup for the first time. It was dark green and I thought she had ladled up a spoonful of pond water for me to eat. I put my ceramic Chinese spoon in and to my dismay, it was a sludgy thick consistency. She said it was good for me; I think she said it would make my hair beautiful and shiny.

Well, even as a little girl, I knew shiny hair meant it was worth it to drink a little sludge!

The soup turned out to be one of my favorites. Especially in Autumn, where the simple seaweed reminded me of summer, but the hot soup warmed up my insides in preparation for winter.

There are many variations of this soup, but I am fond of the simplest ingredients.

(SERVES 2-3 as a light entree or app)
2.5 cups water
4 sheets roasted nori, scissor cut into 1″ pcs
1 cup of spinach loosely packed
2 rehydrated shitake mushroom, whole
chopped tofu to your liking

Simmer everything except spinach in a pot until seaweed become flakey and fall apart (10-15 min). Add spinach and simmer for another 5 minutes.

Ladle into bowls, taking care to give a mushroom in each bowl and serve hot.

**To make a more savory (non vegetarian) option, Crack and beat 1 egg into a bowl and slowly drip (while stirring) into soup after the spinach is cooked on low heat. This method of an “egg-drop” is used to make the swirly white strands of egg in many popular Chinese soups.


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