Climbing Frenzy:4000ft day



I did break this up with a lunch and a nap! Haha. I’m so glad I went road riding early with my friend. It gave me a bit of a warm up to go with my husband!
He was pushing it pretty good.

I feel bad because I was right on his back wheel and I got the fastest time on one climb. Not just for me, but in the Strava-sphere of 18-people 😉

If I win overall fastest time, I want a King of the Mountain designation! 😉 Not a QOM. I’ve never achieved anything that fast before! But I don’t want the “Queen” to muddy it all up. I’m being boastful but damn I went hard today. A little nuts, maybe, but winter is fast approaching, light is dimming away and I’m trying to ride as much as my body will let me.

2000 more feet to my 200K goal this season!



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