This was part of my breakie:I ate a half avocado, a beet juice and 2 roasted chestnuts for breakfast. I was trying not to make too much noise in the kitchen so I wouldn’t wake my husband.

Driving down to the coast, I was hoping for a nice cool marine layer of fog for my road ride but not this morning. At 8am, it was bright and sunny with no clouds in sight.

Then I saw a sign saying “Bicyclists on Road”. Event? Oh yeah. The BIG KAHUNA TRIATHALON had its cycling course North and back on Hwy1. It was spectacular seeing rider after rider in their racing aero positions and some in aero helmets.

Their cycling leg was about 50 miles so I started and ended my ride in between that timeframe. I got to see them head out post swim and return with the tailwind.

My road ride was great! I met up with a gal pal of mine and we did a good 22miles and close to 2K of climbing. We loved the sun dappled light coming through the trees, the quiet(er) country roads and the rolling hillsides. We often chit chat unless it’s a steep long climb, but even so, it’s great to push eachother on climbs that I might otherwise just spin to ascend.

We stopped short of hitting the highway intersection and had a quick bite of GU chewy block, which I don’t like because they taste a bit sour and dense. A man walking his dog thought we stopped to take a smoke break. We thought that was hilarious.

By the time I got home, hubby was still sleeping and I was starved.
Guess what I felt like eating? I didnt know. Apparently a crazy protein concoction was on my mind when I just threw stuff together for lunch.

I had precooked potatoes so I boiled some eggs to make an egg salad. Mustard powder, lime juice, Spanish paprika, cumin, salt and pepper and lots of plain yogurt to make it creamy.

I haven’t found a nice dense mini bread like the type in Sweden. They are great because it is the perfect size and density for a savory open-face sandwich.. Like this could have been.

I had a baked flat-bread cracker so that served as a good vehicle for my lunch πŸ˜‰
It didn’t even fall apart with the weight of all that food. πŸ™‚

I took it easy on my ride so I could do another MTB ride later with my husband. It’s hot right now, but I want to take advantage of the days before daylight savings turns back!


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