Salad ingredients with “the only dressing you need” dressing.. (So my husband declared.)
-Fresh ear of corn boiled and kernels sliced off the cob
-Garden baby potatoes, boiled and sliced into rounds
-Dry farm tomatoes, sliced into rounds
-Arugula & Baby Spinach greens
-Sliced radishes
-Sliced garden grown Lebanese cucumber (love these because you don’t have to peel them and they look pretty!)

Creamy Robust! and My Not-for-the-weak Vinaigrette (approx values and makes almost 1/2 cup of dressing.)
-1tbs worcestershire sauce
[HERE is a recipe for homemade sauce if you want to understand what is in this unique brown sauce!]
-grate 4 garlic cloves (almost 1.5tbsp)
-mince 1tbsp shallot, finely slice remaining bulb to be incorporated into salad
-1/2 tbsp Dijon Mustard to taste! Some are spicier than others.. You want bite, but not lingering sour flavor..
-1/4- 1/3 cup Plain Non-fat Russian yogurt
-3-4 slices of good quality filet of anchovies packed in oil, lightly mashed with fork
-Pinch ground black pepper
-Squeeze of fresh lime halve, about 1 tbsp of juice
-drizzle of unfiltered olive oil (no more than 1/8 cup total)

Mix all well in bowl. Balance the saltiness and acidity with more yogurt if needed. Spice from garlic may be strong but shouldn’t over power.

Toss the greens/sliced shallots with a few tablespoons of dressing to coat and place in bowls. Toss the corn, radish and cucumbers separately with more dressing and gently serve on top of greens. I don’t like digging for my goodies and the little things always settle to the bottom of my salad bowl. Needless to say, simply place the tomatoes on top before serving so they don’t get crushed. DTF’s don’t need dressing.



“bad for me” but tastes great! All beef burger on whole wheat from “Burger” with Frites. I tried some of my vinaigrette on my burger along with Sriracha and Organic Ketchup. Then my husband followed suit. Then he pretty much used it as a dipping sauce for his burger.

Lagunitas Beer, this one Little sumptin sumptin Ale.. is one of my favorites.

The Ugly
Actually, he was kinda cute, but they grow big and ugly..





My friend’s son is very knowledgable about plants and animals, so I sent him a picture of this lizard. He replied, “It is an alligator lizard. They can be really long and bite and smear poop on your hands when you catch them.”



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