This was my first surprise of the day! My hubby bought me a BLAT for lunch. Well, he got a credit of $25 from our local cafe for spending $300 on purchases. What’s nice is that when I make a purchase, I can give him my “credits” so he gets to the goal faster.

But that was only the tip of the iceberg.

I was ready to go on a little mountain bike ride. Antsy and anxious! I went down to where everyone parks their bikes and I couldn’t find my bike. Uh. That’s weird.

I wander around the warehouse area thinking someone put it away for whatever odd reason.. Nope. Nowhere to be found.

Ok. When was the last time I rode it? I didn’t ride it home. Ok, now I’m stressing. I do another lap in search for my bike. Still nothing. I stop and ask my husband. He asks if it’s at home.

No. He points to a nebulous void and says what about over there? I walk around again and see one of the mechanics riding an all too small frame for his 5-11 build.

Uh, why is dude riding my bike? I ask.
Oh, I think he’s working on your brakes.

(What’s the matter with my brakes?)

Absolutely nothing! This is my new, lighter frame bike with killer components!


Carbon wheels made me drool.

This post is awesome. Upgraded with low profile lever. Just had to take it easy on the descents to break in the brakes! I made them scream and I backed off the speed. The new Fox CTD compression dampener is fool-proof. I am always forgetting settings and the fact that both front and rear shock use the same style of interface makes me smile. “Climb | Trail | Descend.” You can fine tune your suspension adjusting the air in your shocks at full or medium squish..

I don’t have the remote control lever on my bars but I’ll see how this set up fits / works first. My ride weighed in at 25lbs exactly! My old bike was 27. Nothing like losing weight for winter! 😉

I was like a kid in a candy shop that was given free range to dunk my head into every flavor and type of candy! I threw on my riding gear so fast I almost forgot my water bottle! I went out for an hour ride, and peddling felt effortless and serene.

My inaugural ride to break in (need a name for my bike!) No carry over components, it’s a sexy bike.

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