A fire went through this area about 6 years ago.



I ran 2.5 miles and climbed about 390feet. The trail is well maintained and thankfully, the poison oak wasn’t rampant. The sage brush smelled particularly spicy today, I thought. 😉

It is so great to have access to such nice trails so near my home! I’m trying to discover new cycling paths for commuting and I noticed there were a few tire trails as well as dog prints in the sandy loam. Good sign as many places prohibit access for both canines and bikes. **Note: There are mountain lions out here for heaven’s sake! I need either a dog or a way to escape fast!

It is fairly exposed and hot in the summertime. Drought is frequent and fire danger is high. I was sweating like crazy and I forgot water! That’s why I decided to backtrack and once finished, realized I could’ve done a loop but the elevation was unknown…

Around here, it’s best to not go downhill unless you have about twice the time to get back up. 😉

Here is a panorama of a good clear spot on the trail.

From a geological standpoint, this area used to be the beach! There were petrified sand dollars and crustaceans found in the soil. Now, it’s at about 1300feet elevation.


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