We ordered this well-water test kit to see how good our water was for drinking! The basic element of water is so precious; it’s nice to know what you are drinking is healthy.


At the same time, I wanted to eat these buns from my local baker. French Toast? I’m on it!




I used an egg and almond milk for the soaking liquid. No need to add spices because the bun smelled full of them! Now, I commence my science experiment!

My husband started the 48hour bacteria test last night, but I'm going to start with the ten-minute "Lead&Pesticide" drinking water test.


A reason to wear my oddly fleshy colored latex gloves? Cool!!


Nothing says science nerd than a plastic pipette.


While that sits for 10 minutes, I’ll move onto the other tests..


Goodie! No Copper. No Iron.


Nitrate/nitrite levels are well below standards as are the pH and zero chlorine.. I’ve always known we had very hard water, however, there doesn’t seem to be a risk for drinking hard water. (In my superficial research.)


After all that, I think I’ll drink a glass of water with my delicious French Toast!


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