MiGorengJawa: Javanese Fried Noodles

Nothing annoys me more than looking up a recipe online to find an ingredient that is a pre-made paste or jar condiment. It feels like a cop out. At least name the raw ingredients so if you don’t have an Asian store nearby (me! me! me!) you’re not disappointed.

Luckily for me, a recipe I wanted to do tonight was in my Indonesian Cookbook. I got it in the Bali airport and my luggage, already packed and bursting, would take nothing more than a thin book.



I can tell gloss & glam from substance and these were authentic recipes. The dated photography with veggie garnishes was a sure sigh that these were not avant gard, nouveau recipes.. I liked that. I can always improvise, but there’s something about knowing what the foundation of a recipe came from.

Noodles it is!


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