700 tube inside a 650 wheel

My gal-pal and I were riding around Santa Cruz and as we were heading home, she felt wobbly and weird and we stopped to check if she had a flat.

Indeed she did!

She runs 650 road tires and I run 700.  I had my tools in my back jersey pockets.  One small metal Lezyne tire lever.


One plastic tire lever 

700 tube, Lezyne Road Pump

A Chocolate Gu energy packet and not much else.

Unfortunately, after she pried off the tire, checked and pulled out about 5 pieces of miniature diamonds. . (I wish!) I mean glass, and pulled out her tube to inflate with her awesome CO2 cartridge, the tube merely fluttered rather than poofed!  She thought she saw one of the glass pieces go through the tube and leave a big hole,  so we polished off a GU so we could use it to line the interior wall of the tire.  Miss McGyver, I tell you!  I’m never leaving home without a GU (or a dollar bill) again!

OH NO.  The tube sides had split in some spots and that wasn’t going to work at all..

I had a spare 700, but at first she didn’t think that she could use it.  We BOTH forgot our ID’s and Credit Cards (like the first time you forget is always the time you need it..) and we weren’t near a bike shop.  Well, I think I could’ve ridden about 3 miles to the nearest one, but that would leave her stranded until I returned.

I called my hubby for a sag.  Yeah, I know.  Decadent.  However, it was actually a good thing he didn’t pick up.

WHY?  Because then I called my super awesome rides every day and hammers 80+ mile rides on the weekends and loaned me Agonistic Cycling, the bible of cycling fitness and training from the 80’s.  Lucky for us, he answered!

(Me) Oh. We need help.  650 tube failed.  I only run 700’s.  What to do? Can we get a sag?

(him) Oh.  You can actually try using the 700, just fold it over like a Z in one spot and make sure it lays nice and flat, then inflate.

(Me to gal-pal) OMG, did you know blah blah blah??

(Me to him) Awesome!  Thank you thank you thank you!  You made our day!

Light bulbs go off, clouds roll by, we get excited and try it.  She inflates (super fast because she can just hit a switch and release blasts of air!), reseats her tires and we are off!  As we wait for traffic to slow for us to proceed, we see a woman cycle by with 650 wheels.  Go figure.. Maybe she had a spare we could’ve used!






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