Is it Monday?

Ok. I’m seriously bummed out. One of my favorite decompression activities after going to my client’s location (in Monterey) is the food and produce buying trip on the way back home.


Touristy stuff 😉


This market across from the power station boasted some of the best salsa I’ve ever eaten. Fresh, homemade, seriously good stuff. Roasted pepper, tomatillo, OMG, and I live in SALSA CAPITAL of the world.. Well at least in No. Cal. 😉



Sweet, savory, snack nuts and chili y limon versions of everything!!

Sadly, NO fresh SALSA. Their entire fridge was stocked to the hilt with Roberto’s brand products. They are tasty and one of the better brand of salsas, but the brand does not hold a candle to the stuff previously sold here..

I asked the woman who I practice my Spanish with (poorly) why there was no homemade salsa. She said the company changed their policy.

I immediately called my hubby to tell him not to expect salsa when I came home!

Then, as I went to Phil’s to buy some seafood for dinner, I wanted a snack of smoked salmon, which is savory, spicy like peppered jerky and satisfying to nibble on!

NO?! Not available?



Clear plastic case where salmon would have been.  I have to say, the photo I took from the outside did look a little ominous..
Apparently, all these yummy homemade treats have recently been shut down by the health department.  WHY?  Because they were sold as street vendors would sell them?  Were they not packed in sterile bags with preservatives and date stamps?  They were pretty much eaten in a few days after each batch was done!

Seriously flawed. Understandable on certain levels of cleanliness but how do you find those special foods, great flavors, tiny mom and pop chefs who create delicious product and would keep it local and real? I’m sorry, but those smoked salmons have been at Phil’s for 15 years. How is it now they are not qualified to be sold?

Sigh. ;(


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