I’m on my way to a client meeting. Its a clear day. I beep at a guy in Santa Cruz who turns onto a two lane left lane, but drifts into my lane. I honk. He corrects. Game over? No. For the next 35 odd miles, he tries to keep behind or pass me on very dangerous sections of road to show me who’s boss.

Never take photos in your car! However, I am willing to bet however, the reason why he stopped being 3 feet behind my bumper was because I kept bringing my phone up so he could see it. If he kept following me, I was going to dial 911.

Yes! I’m documenting this! Yes, you’re testosterone and passenger/ wife are doing nothing to calm you down or tell you, hey.. maybe I’m at fault and I should stop trying to terrorize this girl!

Well, too bad, Mr. Driving Southbound HWY1 pass Monterey @12:30pm, I salute you and your aggressiveness with my iPhone.

Watch out for this guy. He’s got issues.


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