Available in June and January, rambutans are a nice treat! They are sweet, aromatic, and a bit chewy. Think dense grape? Maybe. If you’ve tried lichee fruit or longan, it is very similar in taste and texture.


Delicious things sometimes come in very odd looking packages! 😉

Each peeled fruit is about 50cal and is a source of Vitamin C and calcium. It is also a source of niacin, iron, protein and fiber.

I like eating them fresh, using them as garnishes in drinks, muddling them into a sake-tini, or putting them in soup to add a bit of sweetness!

3 thoughts on “Rambutans

  1. I’ve never heard of them before, we get lychees over here, fresh if we are lucky, but generally in a tin, they are a little bit too perfumed for me.
    Learn something new every day, I quite like the name too, rambutan, flows of the tongue nicely..lol

  2. Rambutans are one of my favorite tropical fruits. When I lived in Malaysia, our neighbors would give us bags of them. I can find them occasionally in the States, but they just aren’t as tasty. Nice post!

    1. Cool! Thank you for your story, lucky YOU!! 🙂 I wish we could grow these in our backyard! mmmmm. Maybe I’ll visit Malaysia! I’m going to SE Asia in December.. Then I can go to the source!

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