My favorite noodle soup growing up was pickled mustard greens with Zha Cai, snow cabbage and chopped pork. It was a little spicy, sour and crunchy. I think we had it at our favorite mom&pop noodle shop in Chinatown every Sunday. I didn’t have snow cabbage or pork at home, but I did have some roast duck.

Yes, I ate this for breakfast 😉

When I was 23, I lived and worked in Hong Kong. (Mind you, I was born and raised in California so this was a life changing experience for me.) Luckily, my parents and extended family on my Father’s side spoke Cantonese to me when I was a baby. I was fluent as a child and that helped me relearn Cantonese as an adult.

Anyway, I had to travel to Shanxi for business and during dinner, instead of little dipping bowls of vinegar to enhance our dishes, we had mini decanters of vinegar to douse on our food. Apparently, up in that arid, sand stormy area, vinegar was the key to soft skin, young appearances and health! Looking around the restaurant, I had to agree! Everyone did look rather smooth regardless of the sand whipping up outside.

Cheers to vinegar!

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