So, my short ride was pretty nice! Sun dappled roads, mix of exposed sun & chaparral with dense redwood hills.

I saw 1 runner, 1 guy in boxers getting his mail, 2 college age cyclists doing my exact route but the opposite direction, 1 female cyclist in hi-Vis neon-yellow riding vest, and a speedy peleton of 6-7 men.

I didn’t hear or see them when I looked back and in less than 30 seconds, they overcame me. I tried to jump onto their rear, but there was also a car passing and an upcoming banked turn. ;(

Sigh. I must have looked like fresh meat to overtake.. At least that’s what I like to do when I ride. If I ever see anyone ahead of me, I try to chase them down. It’s something different to do and it sure is fun!

I’ve been trying to practice being more observant. Today, however, all I recall from the pass was the last rider’s butt: his shorts said, “Palo Alto”. I’m assuming they were a little cycling group that came up from the Silicon Valley, or at least they came through the mountain pass. They weren’t behind me on the climb so they must have come from the other road that intersects the downhill start. That’s fairly common here for Saturday morning group rides.

Now, off to massage my sore knees. 😉

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