Ughh. The sky is drab and it’s cold out there..
My Rapha winter riding wear; 3/4 length bib shorts with fleece liner and long sleeve full zip jersey. I see some blue sky peeking through, but under the redwoods and oaks, it’s sure to be chilly.


I love the little pump pocket. It keeps my pump from clinking into my tire wrenches.


I never ride without sunblock. Even on dreary days. The reflection from my sunnies from the sun hit my cheeks and it’s apparent that I am getting a lot of sun while riding. I also have the horrible cycling jersey short sleeve tan from this riding season. ;( Not very pretty but unless I wear arm-warmers, that can’t be helped.

This is going to sound girly, but I used to try to wear a clear lipgloss while riding. This, I justified, would give my lips some sunblock and make my grimaces looks flattering. (ok, as I write that, I feel silly.)

But there are things called BUGS that hit you as you ride 18+ miles/hour and they are somehow drawn to your mouth! I’ve learned to close my mouth while riding, but nothing is more gross than having a fly stick to your lips! Blech!!

So, I bought this super healthy lip balm that you can also use under your eyes! It’s tasteless and not greasy or anything. I haven’t used it enough to see if flies will stick to it, but we will see!

Off cycling! Running on beet juice this morning 😉

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