So, I bought my second flat of DFT’s today. Dry Farmed tomatoes from Sea Level Farms! Yum!

All summer, my friend and I wait and stalk our local farmers market at the end of July, pestering the produce farms about if and when DFT’s are ripe and ready for market.

The Cherokee purple has been absent from market the past two summers. This is heartbreaking, but last years late harvest and this summer’s erratic spring weather pattern may deem the fruit MIA another year! This siteshows what they look like!

Alas, we have the Early Girls, that pack a punch!

Here are some new ideas for utilizing summers most delicious offering! I think we will make some for this weekend’s dinner with friends! It’s like an annual party for us to celebrate the tomato!


So, this Saturday, we are planning to make;
-An appetizer of tomato consommé with poached prawn wrapped scallops with a dusting of tomato-chili powder.
-A summer beet and tomato salad with goat cheese on seasonal greens.
-My friend’s amazing vegan-raw tomato-almond sauce with garlic and more garlic with warm pasta.
-Dessert… a surprise ice cream she makes from scratch!

**Let me say she makes the most amazing berry ice cream, ginger snap ice cream and we are completely spoiled!

Here are some other tomato dishes that I create with only the ripest DFT’s & heirlooms I can find!

Simple vegetable broth with sliced tomatoes, chilies, lime juice and Thai basil.

Herbed cherry tomato pie with Zuchinni in whole wheat oil crust.

Classic tomato consommé with peeled DTF’s infused with chipotle.

Tomato, potato galette.


DF Tomato, filet mignon stir fried in oyster sauce over garlic noodles.

Tomato-wagyu seared beef nigiri!

Raw almond-dft sauce over bucatini.


Betel leaf curried tomato soup.



Spicy salsa with chipotle, ancho, cumin and lime.

I need more tomato recipes!!


2 thoughts on “DFT-DinnerPartyPlanning

    1. 🙂 I was just thinking how fun it would be to have a restaurant to serve just DTF’s in summer time! I could invite people over and everyone would eat tomatoes in whatever style they want.

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