TNF Westwind 3 -Review (The Northface)

I don’t normally review products, but I thought this was an interesting design.


Caveat: Only used in car camping mode but in 45-90 degree weather. Ridge top= wind and heat, Coastal forest, damp and cold weather. (Same trip, by the way!)

Size: fits 3 people, but really 2 people facing the same way. One poor soul must smell the other two’s feet? Not me, thanks! There is enough room to car camp comfortably, bring in all your clothes and still have room left over. We are a petite female (5′-2″) and a large male (6′-1″). We each had a therma-rest, mummy style sleeping bag and brought large duffle bags of clothes. The rather large vestibule has dual access zippers and kept all our shoes moisture free. I had a pair of boots, sneakers and flip flops!

Tent/Rainfly: All in one construction. The tent is suspended under the Rainfly. It is not detachable nor does it have mesh or ventilation on top. If you want to sleep under the stars, this is not the tent with that option. The tent also gets a little hot in the direct sun.

Access: Two end openings. One is the actual door, the other, venting and stash area? Only the door direction can open to see the outside world. The opposite end is covered by the staked down Rainfly. It’s a bit small for a crawl space. 😉

Stake-Only design: This is not self-standing. The first time we set this up, it was a two person operation. After 3 set ups, it was simple.

Looks: Like a caterpillar!

Seams and zippers and cords, just enough, intuitive to set up, water resistant outer and strong. Lightweight fabric shell is nice. Rinses nicely and is easy to sweep with bucket-base that comes up above the ground. No bugs or lint get stuck in corners because there are none.

This is set up in my yard so I can rinse and air it out before returning it!



+Super roomy (for 2)
+Keeps warm
+Totally private
+No sky view
-Must use stakes
+Easy assembly / set up
+Easy to clean and get in and out of
-No option to remove fly
+Area for upper storage with add on accessory (so I hear)
+Vestibules on either end to stash gear
+Bright, fun color

Would I buy one? Maybe a lightly used one. We camp only a few times a year and usually in great, warm weather in secluded spots. I noticed bugs would fly in between the tent and fly area and have a hard time getting themselves out. This was annoying if you could see or hear them. Under a canopy of trees, this worked really well. The tent seemed good in wind as well. The stakes need to be taut but there are adjustable webbing on all areas. We have another 2-person TNF tent with two side access zippers and a removable fly (the pole needs repairing) We also own a huge 6 person tent that we use for luxurious air mattress Glamping.

The Westwind3 would be a fun tent to backpack with, I think, if ease of set up, roomier interior, lightweight, no frills, durability are your needs.

Thank you, LiLi for letting us borrow this awesome tent!!


4 thoughts on “TNF Westwind 3 -Review (The Northface)

    1. Hello! Why you are the first person to ever ask me that! I’m an American born Chinese who learned Cantonese as her first language. My mother is 1st generation and my father was born and raised in Hong Kong. The first time I travelled to Hong Kong, a few of my co-workers and an annoying cousin would call me “Jook sing” as it poked fun at my not being “authentic” Chinese enough. It is reserved for non-motherland Chinese and ive only heard it from Cantonese speakers.

      So, rather than ruminate and feel like I deserved a flippant nickname, I’ve come to embrace being a “bamboo” as one cannot know everything and all we can do is try to understand the world around us. The “bamboo” means hollow on the inside / or swaying however the wind takes them, which just means to me that I’m waiting to fill myself with life and ready for what may come. 🙂 Long answer!!!

  1. Question: What color is the inner tent? Appears dark gray? Or at leas door-side is dark gray?
    Reason I ask: I’m looking at ordering this tent, based on good reviews, but I want to make sure it is fairly dark inside… I do a lot of camping “far up north” where summer nights are bright and short. Having trouble sleeping in light colored tents; looking for dark(er) tent… Realize the rainfly is bright green, but I’m hoping the inner tent is darker …gray?
    Big thanks!

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