I had mashed potato left-overs, a whole chicken and some veggies. I really wanted to use both in my dish, so I went to my Indonesian cookbooks. They utilize a lot of nuts, potatoes and spices so I thought it would be pretty yummy.


Mixed mashed potato with an egg, tumeric, crushed coriander, peas (I thought samosas use peas, why not here,) and flour to bind them into balls. This particular recipe didn’t call for flour, but I’ve experienced fried potatoes before that essentially disintegrate in hot oil. Not pretty and really messy.


This is the spice paste for the soup. I made my own broth with oxtail, chicken bones and used that as poaching water for my whole chicken. It’s a Chinese technique where you actually bring liquid to boil, turn off the burner and let the chicken sit and poach for an hour.

The ingredients include galangal, candlenut, ginger, garlic, a whole onion, shrimp paste, agave nectar, a pinch of salt, a bit of coconut oil, and water. Blend everything together and simmered for 5 minutes. Add broth to the paste and slow cook it until your ready to serve.

I carve the chicken under running water to stop the cooking process. I like using shredded breast meat in soups.


Here are the potato patties ready for frying in peanut oil. They burn easily. Oh! And don’t add peas. They pop in the hot oil and can burn your eyeball or darn near close to your eyeball! Hazardous!


I like fresh, raw veggies and place them with cooked noodles in the bowl. I then ladle in broth. I made a lime-chili sauce to add for spice and served with some lime wedges. I liked the potatoes because you could eat a little bite here and there with your soup. It soaks up the sauce and makes for a richer soup eating experience!



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