My friend Caroline told her husband, my business partner, it was Todd’s birthday. He texted my other partner, Steve, “Did you get cake?”. Steve replies, “No! Doesn’t B have it covered?” In where my business partner replies, “I don’t KNOW?!” But both Business partner & Steve don’t know Hubby LOATHES attention and even I was risking it with these non-baked goodies!


I did get Steve to buy a Vegan German Choco Cake in case my pudding pie experiment went south!

I ended up going to a fruit stand off HWY1 for additional cherries & raspberries. $5 / basket of fruit, if you buy 2, you get one free! Great deal! I bought 2 baskets of cherries and he gave me raspberries.

In any case, Hubby GLARED at me with my tray of pudding pies.. I promptly told him it was not my idea and that I couldn’t be the Wife who ignored her husband’s birthday?! Ouch. (P.S, if the pudding pies didn’t taste right, I would’ve just stayed home..)

Anyhoo, pudding pies and Steve’s cake were well received! It’s rare all the employees eat at the same time and we just had fun sitting in the warehouse nibbling on desserts.

So, recall how the first thing I woke up to was stressing about tonight’s dinner? I mean he’s been eating this meal since he was 4 years old!


So simple: green beans, mashed potatoes and filet mignon. Of course if it all gets cooked incorrectly, we are screwed!


I’m not being snarky! This place “Bastard” is a delicious restaurant in Malmö, Sweden we visited last summer. We bought the napkins!


The steaks were at least 2 inches thick. Yikes!

Mashed potatoes: low fat yogurt, butter and freshly grated garlic.
Filet: seasoned with salt & pepper, grilled med-rare
Green beans: tailed and steamed for 3.75 minutes, I kid you not.

I’m overhearing my hubby with his aunt chatting about how much older I am than him. I literally stunned his mom when she asked me how old I was.

Scene: Easter luncheon. My birthday just passed, my future brother in-law’s birthday is coming up.
“How old did you turn?” she asks.

“40.” I answer.

Hubby is 23 at this point, btw.

Jaw drops, stunned mom, flabbergasted sister, I’m laughing, future hubby snickers.

“No, I’m just 31.”

Still, the uncomfortable smile, but hey! It was super awesome and saying you’re WAY older than you are makes the honest truth WAY easier to accept 😉

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