Oh yeah! Here’s the deal: I know my hubby said “No” to my making lunch today at work, but it’s his birthday! So, I decided to make him dessert.

The thing is, there’s not many options for vegan desserts except for Vegan German Chocolate Cake. It’s nice but boring after the 6th time this year.

(One of his co-workers is a vegan. I would not want her to feel left out so I wanted to make something special.)


My cycling buddy fed me this pudding pre AND post ride. It tasted like pumpkin pie! I asked for the recipe and here it is! I added 4oz of firm tofu because I made it into tarts.


See the giant mortar and pestle? I just pulverized cashews. My friend has a Vitamix and the last time I tried making this, it was grainy because I used my blender. So, this time, I grated my carrots and mashed my cashews..grrrr!


Raw, vegan, delicious pie crust! You can find the recipe here at Hungry Hungry Hippie

I wanted the pudding-filling (modified) but in a nice chewy crunchy crust. The tarts are in the freezer now!

Seriously starved, I whipped up some Kung Pao Tofu for an early lunch!


I lacked bell peppers so I used padrons and a spicy red Serrano from my garden! Satiated!



3 thoughts on “ToBakeOrNotToBake

    1. It TOTALLY did! The tart crust was excellent! Thank you for dreaming that up! I have to find more fresh dates and try this again. But with your cream cheese filling! šŸ˜‰

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