I woke up this morning and wished my hubby a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Yes, it was almost dawn and yes, I actually yelled it!

Special occasions are terrible for me. I never know what to give and I’m a very last minute purchaser.. He used to give me a list of things he wanted: tattoo, bottle of Glenlivet, some type of truck part (usually something that makes the suspension stiffer or the engine faster).

Most times, when I buy him a gift, he looks at it, smiles, and returns it the next day.
With the exception of his iphone4, things that went back were:
-AR Drone (toy plane you can control with your iPhone)
-Bamboo lamp (he traded it in for a more modern lamp)
-Dress shirts (too short in the arms)

Things that he’s kept but reminds me that they are odd gifts:
-Japanese bamboo round trash can (15″ tall and we use it as a receipt holder)
-sleek stainless steel pepper grinder (he loves fresh cracked pepper so I thought this was a no-brainer)

Things he’s kept but specifically asked for:
-selveged edge jeans
-riding clothes

One thing that I do know he loves to eat for dinner, but he likes to make himself is: Grilled filet mignon with string beans and mashed potatoes.

Yup. That’s it!

I’m going to buy the ingredients, with the exception of the filet which he’s great at buying the best cut and shape. That’s what I’m thinking about right now. How to make the ultimate yummy garlic mashed potatoes. 😉

Recipes welcome!!


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