So, I was still cleaning and putting away camp gear when my stomach growled and I realized I hadn’t eaten anything since my morning shake.

We didn’t go grocery shopping last night so I pretty much had a jar of kimchi in the fridge and a lonely little cucumber.

I have been craving white Jasmine rice for a while. I’ve been on a brown rice kick but honestly, the sweet fragrance of white Jasmine is heavenly!

I know I said I ate a lot of sodium this weekend, but I ate my rice with kimchi. I made it myself, so I have to cross my fingers that the salt content is not horrible. I know it should be high because I salted the leaves first, rinsed them, but used a base stock of konbu (kelp) to season the kimchi. I have to hope the probiotics and B-complex vitamins created by advanced stages of fermentation will benefit me regardless of the sodium. I think when you buy kimchi from the store, a lot of brands use fish sauce or fermented shrimp paste or other things to really give it that pungent taste. I prefer mine fairly simple with chilies, garlic and ginger.

I chopped the cucumber and doused that with lime juice and sprinkled cilantro on top. It was wonderful to eat such a simple meal. My stomach is happy! Now, I’m going to drink a liter of water to cool my mouth from the spiciness!



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