Soup Again?


Bittermelon in the pot and chopped Bac ha going in.. My broth is a meaty blend of stock. I used rabbit, duck and chicken bones discarded from the last months dinners. Some of the best stocks I’ve made were a blend of different types of bones. No one ever talks about that in cookbooks I’ve read. I wonder why.


This recipe called for pineapple but the only sweet fruit I have are lichees.. So I’m improvising.


Almost done cooking. 20 minutes in the pot and maybe 15 on low simmer. The bitter melon is strong today, so I decided to cook it down more. I’m also going to finish the soup with lime juice and some chilies at the very end.

I’m not sure why I’m craving bitter melon, but it is very cooling food and great for summer time. You may find more information about bitter melon here!


4 thoughts on “Soup Again?

  1. That looks very interesting. I’ve never heard of bac ha before…

    BTW … a lot Chinese cookbooks reccomend using chicken and pork bones together… especialy pork ribs. They yield a great stock with just a little ginger and onion 🙂

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