As I was riding with my husband, along a nice 2-lane road off the coast, a motorist yelled out the window, “Get a horse!”

Huh? Get a horse?

I’ve heard a lot of things; obscenities, sarcasm, words of encouragement, but this one confused the heck out of me. (I actually don’t have time to be confused while riding my bike as I’ve got enough to think about!)

So, let meet this straight. A HORSE is preferable to a BIKE according to this person. My being on a bike could be about enjoying the outdoors, which in that case, a horse could equally offer me a chance to be outdoors. Ok, that makes sense. However, as a mode of transportation along a busy road, a human powered machine is better equipped to keep up with traffic, to an extent, where as a temperamental and frightened horse may freak out.


Well, Sir, I could ride a horse, but Eddie would nibble his way around and not take me anywhere quickly. I’m sure if I were riding a horse, the same guy would yell, “Ride a bike!”


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