Working my way through the veggies!
Last night was “gai lan”. It is not like any vegetable but has long meaty stalks and nice big leaves. Like a robust spinach but grafted onto broccolini? maybe? haha. It is a little bit bitter but tasty and substantial. The best way to cook it is to steam it or wok toss and steam at the end.


The gai lan is on the right side.

Dau Mu (or mini pea shoots) , pictured on the left ,tend to be expensive and seasonal. Wok tossed in with lots of garlic, it’s incredible! The bigger the shoots, the cheaper it is, usually.


My lunch today: Chinese garlic chives with fried tofu. I love how colorful these veggies are. They have a chive like fragrance but feel like tubular greens when you eat them. I like mine a little crisp. They need little cooking in a wok and just a touch of grapeseed oil to turn bright green, then steam finish with a few tablespoons of water to steam cook the thicker ends.


This kimchi is too fresh for me to eat, but perfect to season some leftover jasmine rice! Simple to make, only a few minutes to cook!


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