What to eat after a 40 mile ride??!


(usually we get to split a sandwich at a deli, but today the store was closing JUST as we arrived into town! Sad.)

This is me making room to stir fry on my wok! (rice is in the Le Creuset pot and the veggies are in the bamboo steamer.) My kitchen stove is about 24″ wide and I can use all the space with just one wok! Haha


This recipe is a mash up between a Thai dish and a Chinese one. The Thai has minced pork, water mimosa and peanuts with soy sauce and a little stock. The Chinese dish has pork belly and zha cai (a pickled mustard root) wok tossed with garlic. I just made it all work together!


As I’ve mentioned before, when you wok toss a dish, it cooks so quickly you really cannot stop. Especially to take a photo. The table must be set and the serveware ready to go. Everything is fast!

I already cooked the shallot, garlic, zha cai, peanut and pork by the time I added all the pea sprouts. When the greens became dark green and wilted, I added the soy-stock mixture to steam finish.


I already cooked the Jasmine rice and steamed the gai lan. Whew!



Oh yes. I made a quick sauce of lime juice, Thai chilies, red pepper flakes, fish sauce and dash of agave nectar.


Hunny said I made up for this morning’s breakfast! I agree!

P.S. Thai people don’t traditionally eat with chopsticks. They use forks and spoons. (Spoons for all the delicious curries and soups!)


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