I couldn’t resist trying this iced coffee. it was quite strong and had a good refreshing taste. I don’t know if I’d describe it as “sharp” but it was good for canned coffee.


I have never tried green tea soba noodles. I like the green color!


Typically, seaweed salad is quite vinegar-y, but I wanted salty.. so I chopped some kalamata olives and mixed them with rehydrated wakame and some sliced cucumbers. I added a dash of rice wine vinegar and let the oil from the olives mingle in before serving. I used boiling water to rehydrate the seaweed so the overall salad temperature was warmer than room temp.


Earlier, I rehydrated some dried shitake mushrooms. I love doing that because the resulting water is deliciously flavored! Almost-instant mushroom stock! Heated the stock to boil with a sliced mushroom. Added a little low sodium soy sauce to taste.


(like the Hello Kitty chopsticks? They are child’s size but since this was a snack, it seemed fitting!)

Assemble the cooked/drained noodles,
place the salad on top, add mushrooms and lastly, spoon in some broth.


My second helping of noodles! These tasted quite nice, and were lighter in texture than regular buckwheat noodles. I could faintly taste tea, but I may have been tricked due to the color.


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