I bought this young coconut the other day when I went to the Japanese supermarket.


Its a hack job, I know! It was my first time ever buying one and opening it. Thank goodness for YouTube! I found a video of a woman using both a knife to shave the white part off so you can get closer to the husk. Thrn she used the heel of a cleaver to whack the top off in sections.

My Thai cookbook says to use a cleaver to crack it in half, but I tried that and thought it was too dangerous for me.


I was able to get a lot of juice out of this one!



I didn’t want to chance spilling any so I used a turkey baster to extract all the coconut juice. The flesh was soft and I used a spoon to scoop out the meat.

I just drank a little bit and it is very refreshing! I’m going to save it along with the meat for dinner tonight! Maybe a young coconut soup? or curry, or who knows!


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