Today we found a nice park to hike in. We have a California Parks Parking Pass, that we bought a few months ago, that allows you to park at any State park. Since parking is about $10/ car, this pass pays for itself in about 10 uses. We are such avid hikers and utilize the parks close proximity to bicycling trailheads, it would be a waste of money NOT to get one..

This hike was very well marked and we actually got a great map from Memorial Park, right down the road. (We erroneously drove there first thinking it was the Pescadero Creek Park entrance. BTW, if you’d like to visit Memorial Park, it is NOT a state park, but run by the City of San Mateo. Parking is $8, but it’s $6 if you have a State Park pass…

There were only a handful of cars in the parking area and no maps at the trailhead. There is no bathroom or water fountains. It is very quiet and u think we only saw a few dads with their sons and most of them were on mountain bikes. Bikes are only allowed on fire roads, but it seemed like a big enough park it could be fun to do loops or something.

There were some cool creeks, hidden swimming holes and nice switchback trails in between fire roads. Most trails are marked but the lack of mileage on markers is unhelpful, especially if it is your first time hiking there.

My consolation prize!



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